Following the Path of the Lost Centuries

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>The Old Town of Tallinn is an extraordinary place which has many stories to tell us. In this book you can fi nd stories that introduce you the biggest, tallest, oldest, prettiest and otherwise special places and sights. During a walk in the path of the lost centuries that takes a couple of hours, you will reach places that are unique in Estonia, Europe or the entire world.

“Following the Path of the Lost Centuries” does not claim a spot on the table of historians. This book is meant for attracting interest in the Old Town and its history in people who do not have the time or the wish to read the array of diff erent books written about the Old Town but do wish to fi nd out why one or the other location is signifi cant as historical or cultural heritage. In addition to factual knowledge the book tells several stories about how one or the other place came to be as well as ghost stories that make the story of the town even more thrilling. Learning is supported by moderately puzzling tasks which have to be solved by making observations during the searching game. The book is suitable for children as well as adults but especially for children together with adults. If you are lucky you will find the mysterious Force of the Old Town, which has protected it during the long centuries and keeps bringing people back to it.